How Medical Marijuana Works as Medicine

If you have ever experienced anxiety, fatigue, or chronic pain, you may have considered the benefits of turning to medicinal medical marijuana treatments. There have been many informative articles and studies about CBD therapies and cannabis in the past few years. Many are turning to alternative cannabinoid like hemp therapies to treat their health conditions, and people want to know more about what medical marijuana consists of and how it works.

Medical Marijuana: What Is It?

What is medical marijuana, and how is it used to treat medical conditions? The central part of the marijuana plant used for both medicines and recreational use is medical marijuana. Medicines are extracted from many different plant components, including the flower, leaves, buds, and resins. The chemical substances that are taken from these parts of the plant are called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have different reactive results on the patient, ranging from calming and soothing to energizing and focused.

Three common strains of the cannabis plant used for medicines include cannabis sativa, cannabis ruderalis, and cannabis indica. Cannabis sativa is often known for its stimulating and energizing effects, while this particular plan also has higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Cannabis indica creates a calming and soothing experience for the user, and cannabis ruderalis has the lowest THC levels out of the three plants.

Many marijuana plants used for medicines are often hybrids of the three different kinds of cannabis.

Using Medical Marijuana

There are many ways to consume medical marijuana as there is smoking and vaping options; edibles, tinctures, lotions, creams, sprays, oils, and ointments.

More U.S. States Allowing Medical Marijuana

To get medical marijuana prescribed for a medical condition, it is essential to received a prescription from a qualified medical doctor. There are more states across the country allowing for legalization. Learn more about the laws for medical marijuana in Florida. Your doctor will conduct a formal examination and review your medical records. They will make a determination to ensure that medical marijuana will be a good choice for you. The state will issue your medical marijuana card, and you gain the ability to visit a local licensed dispensary to fill your prescription.

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