Medical Marijuana

Cost of Florida Marijuana Card

Cost of Florida Marijuana Card

Cost of Florida Marijuana Card is two-fold. There is a fee for your doctor to certify you for the Florida Marijuana Card and the state of Florida has a processing fee that will be paid directly to the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use. So, essentially there are two different fees to pay. Find out more about how medical marijuana works as medicine.

The cost of Florida Marijuana Card is included in the fees that are required, so there are no hidden costs. The cost varies per person as it depends on your state of residency and where you receive your certification.

Cost of Florida Marijuana Card Benefits

Now that medical marijuana is legal in Florida, patients are able to purchase medical cannabis in dispensaries. For this, they need a medical marijuana card which is only given after the patient has fulfilled all the requirements which include getting an appointment with a medical professional who will do some tests and give them the necessary certification. They also have to register for a medical marijuana card through the state of Florida.

Reasons to Get a Florida Marijuana Card

There are many benefits of getting a Florida marijuana card. There is no doubt that medical cannabis has been proven to have amazing benefits when it comes to the treatment of various conditions from pain relief to slowing down the progress of a disease or easing symptoms associated with a condition. Even more so, these patients don’t have to worry about being prosecuted by the government because they will be able to procure cannabis legally through dispensaries in accordance with FDA standards and quality control.