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Dr. Chide Uche

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Dr. Chidi Uche

Dr. Chidi Uche is an experienced US and British Board-Certified Physician who specializes in Family Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine. Dr. Uche has over 20 years’ experience in medicine and has gained a plethora of experience including international and marine medicine throughout his career. Dr. Uche served as the onboard medical director for a popular cruise line. This position enabled him to refine his critical thinking skills.

Upon completion of residency training in England, he completed a second residency in Columbus GA. Dr. Uche has practiced medicine on three continents: Africa, Europe and the USA, giving him vast international experience in various areas of medicine.

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The first step in getting your Jacksonville Florida Medical Cannabis Card is to be certified by a Medical Marijuana doctor.


Once you have been approved by our Florida medical marijuana doctor, you will be educated on the laws and the Florida Medical Marijuana Program.


Once you receive your Florida Medical Marijuana Card, you will be allowed to purchase cannabis products at a lower price than recreational.

Dr. Green Relief Rx

Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Green Relief Rx is a top choice for Jacksonville Florida medical marijuana doctors. We help you get your Medical Marijuana Card, and the process is easy! Once you schedule your appointment, your compassionate and well-qualified doctor will evaluate you and provide you with the benefits of treating your condition with medical marijuana.

Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the process of enrollment at no additional cost. Dr. Green Relief Rx is the best choice for Jacksonville Florida medical marijuana doctors, and we offer a risk-free evaluation for the Medical Marijuana Card. You will not be charged for your visit if your doctor does not recommend medical marijuana for your condition.

Our doctors can help to certify you to legally buy and consume smokeable medical cannabis.

Purchase up to 2.5 oz | Possess up to 4 oz

The Top Rated Medical Marijuana Doctors in Jacksonville Florida

*Low Priced Certifications
*Purchase and Use Cannabis Legally
*Thousands of Approved Patients
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When one of our Marijuana Doctors in Jacksonville Florida decides that medical marijuana is the right choice for your condition, we help you to enroll in Florida’s Medical Marijuana Card program. When you are accepted in to the program, you will gain access to the state-approved dispensaries for your medical marijuana. They will verify your status as a patient with the Florida Medical Marijuana Card using a state database.

The Florida database can be accessed only with your patient identification number. This information can not be accessed by looking up a patient’s name in the system to verify participation. This applies to employers and law enforcement.

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Program

Patients that are diagnosed with a medical condition that qualifies for the Florida Medical Marijuana Card Program are protected from criminal penalties at the state level for the use, cultivation, and possession of medical marijuana in Florida. Our Florida Medical Marijuana doctors in Jacksonville can provide you with an evaluation for your Medical Marijuana Card today. Your evaluation will be provided by a caring and compassionate marijuana doctor. Our professional medical setting features licensed and expertly qualified physicians. Your medical evaluation is 100% confidential and our team of Florida marijuana doctors provide the most affordable Medical Marijuana Card evaluations in Jacksonville, Florida. Find out more about the Florida Medical Marijuana Card process.



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